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NFT Chess Club

Because chess has always been meta

Client 2

From the heart

The chess club was never about business, that's what makes chess pure. That is also what makes it so we will be left out in the ever more exclusive metaverse due to chess being a skill game that is unprofitable. The land in the metaverses is already being scooped up by speculators, big corporations, and the 0.1%. Love it or hate it we can all agree free-market can be darn expensive for the little guy, ESPECIALLY when we want to play a board game instead of engaging in competitive commerce.


The issue that we, the chess community, will face in the coming years is to yet again be relegated to renting a basement from some off-the-grid indie art gallery for 5 MANA per hour to congregate to play chess. I say heck no! The grand chess halls of a bygone era can be created once more! Chess Stadium can and will be constructed!  We aim to unite the chess community under one banner, NFT Chess Club!

Client 3

Road Map

A unique phase-zero collection of 10,000 Chess Knights has been lovingly crafted to act as your founding membership card to our exponentially growing chess club and community. The Grand Master has donated a plot of land in Decentraland (20,-60) and has self-funded the building of our first 5-story chess tower! We aim to continue buying lands and building chess clubs across all the metaverses available today and what will inevitably come tomorrow. Our foundation will build chess towers and chess halls where members can hang out and play one of the few games that are just as good in the metaverse as it is in real life. In those spaces, we will commit to growing the game both IRL and in the metaverse. Cash prize tournaments will be held and, eventually, a chess-specific stadium will be built. 

To kick-start our chess journey the NFT Chess Club will be hosting a 500+ ETH chess tournament in fabulous LAS VEGAS, USA! Do you think you have what it takes to win the NFT Chess Club Cup and be crowned our inaugural champion? Holding at least one NFT Chess Club membership, in the form of a Chess Knight NFT will be your ticket to admission! 

Client 5


The phase zero collection of our inaugural Chess Knights will retail for 0.25 ETH each for minting and will be sold on Open Sea, Rarible, and other platforms. The holding of one Chess Knight will entitle the owner with one irrevocable lifetime membership to the NFT Chess Club across the metaverse and beyond. 

Membership Benefits 

- Access to play in every single NFT Chess Club in the metaverse

- Entry into the high-stakes 500+ ETH NFT Chess Club launch tournament in Las Vegas, USA!

- Access to PvP chess matches with future payouts in Proof of Chess token

The NFT Chess Club will sponsor a members-only team to compete in real-world tournaments.              

- Access to exclusive merchandise

- Reciprocal memberships with other chess clubs

- Access to physical printouts of their Chess Knight NFT 

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